Pelosi Has To Stop Her Incendiary Anti Trump Retoric



Maybe Pelosi Is The Malcontent Who Is The Antagonist And Not Trump..
Shes Constantly Berating Trump For The Exact Same Behavior That She And Many Prominent Democrat Party Leaders Are Guilty Of..What A Hippocrite.
Trump Was Forced To Endure A Constant Barage Of Anti Trump Commentary Masquerading Under The Veil Of News Reports For The Past Four Years.The Washington Elite Political Crowd On Both Sides Of The Isle Was Not Prepared For Trump To Sneak His Way Past All The Republican Contenders In What Was The Largest Number Of Canidates Enrolled In Any Primary Ever.
He Shot From The Hip & The Lip In His Own Unique Style.He Didn’t Fit The Mold Of Any Previous Politician And Was His Own Man And They Could Not Control Him ..They Hated 

A Rioting Looting Uncontrollable Mobs Virtualy Sacked Every Big City Burning Down And Looted Business’s Nancy Pelosis’Responce Was “People Will Do What People Want To Do”.New York Governor Andrew Coumo’s Responce Was Equally Outrageous When Asked About The Toppling Of Historic  Stautes He Was Shown On Camera Saying “It’s A Healthy  Exspression “.

All While Democrat Mayor’s And Governors Of Those Beleaguered Big Cities Refused To Call Out The National Guard  And Remove Those Mayors For Gross Malfeasance As They Had They Tied The Police  Departments Hands Behind Their Backs Not Giving Protection To Citizens Under Seize.


We’re going to throw this thought out as We begin to scratch our heads..Does Anyone else think that perhaps  someone  big wig in the Democrat Party is perhaps  controlling  Anitifa or Black Lives Matter  and is deliberately  having them show up at Protests and make Mayhem?If they do Were pretty sure that its must be done by a proxy  leaving any Democrat Party Leaders looking and remaining “Mr.Clean” 

They seem to ve no different than Hitlers Brown Shirts who was part and parcel  who put and made Kristslnact  a sad part of history. Although no connection surfaces as of yet  between  Anifa BLM and top Democrat Party Leaders.

Let Us State That While  All This  Unfoding Outcry Of The News Hear From Senator Schumer Seems To Be Laying Low.

Take A Look Below And See A Sampling Of What Leading Democrat Party Leaders Have Said…

What Pelosi And Company Are Doing Is Exploiting A Surge Upon The Capital Building By A Few Hundred  To Advance Her Anti Trump Agenda.

For God Sakes Trump Has A Few Days Left In  His Term And Your Looking To Move Heaven And Earth To Have Him Impeached.Shame On You.

  • Now We Are Witnessing Republican Party Office Holders Jumping Ship .If I Were A Betting Man I’d Venture To Say That The Only Reason Why Pence & Cabinet Members & Other Republicans Would  Jump Ship & Vote Against Trump Is To Be Eligible To Become Lobbyists After leaving Office..If True That Would Be Beyond Shameful. 
  • A Movie Should Be Made Of These Republicans..Men without Honor
  • Is This The  Way Bidden Said That He Wants To Heal The Nation?Nancy Pelosi Please Stop Already..Enough Is Enough. 


                                    THE LERMAN REPORT STAFF

* We personally would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire loyal fan base throughout the entire World..  Moses Lerman,and The Lerman Report

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