Wild Mob Storms Capital Building Not The American Way


.Tyrone Turne




A wild mobile of Pro Trump Supporters Stormed The Capital Building Gun Shots Rang Out As The Capital Police looked To Quell The Violence Other Federal Law enforcement Agencies Were Called Out As Well a Maryland State Police Were On Hand To Put A Halt To The Breach Of The Nations Capital Bldg.


This makes most Trump Supporters look bad.Its Not What Republican Party Followers Want To See Either. 

All the Government Stragnation and lose of Cival Liberties Has Taken its tool as Wild Mobs Took the Law Into Their Own Hands. Although We Do Not Condone Todays Actions We Will Say This The Frustration over The Last 4 tears of Crapping On Trump where the Separation of Media news and Commentary’s Has Been Blured and an Election Won by Bidden That is best viewed as Tainted Has Culminated And Festered Into Today’s Fiasco .

When Radical Left Mobs Toppled Historical Statues Speaker Nancy Pelosi Response Was People Will Do What People Do And N Y Governor Andrew Coumo Response To The Same Mob Behavior Was “Its A Healthy Exspression “.As Well Vice President Elect Kamela Harris Saying To Exspect More Protesting After The Election.She Basically Was Excusing Protest From Leftest But Never Expected The Violent Protest and Mayhem To Come From

ThecRigh ByTrump Supporters.

We Will Point Out That The Main  Between Anifa and BLM Mayhem Is That It Didn’t Occur Breaching The Capital Building

Let Those  Who Were  Apart of This Mob to Think How Much That They Set Back  Their Cause By Thier Wild Actions. 

Having Said  That We Will Add That When The Courts That Downright Ignored Evidence And State Governments Refuse  To Follow The Law Concerning Procedures Led To What We Saw Happen Today Although Inexcusable.However this gives the media and those opposed to Trump an excuse to paint all Trump followers with the same  broad brush..including Trump’s Cabinet  members that are handing in their resignations with less than 2 weeks to go in his terms POTUS..its these Cabinet members  who are the ones without  any honor  not Trump nor his mainstream  supporters  who were busy were busy at work when these wild animals  stormed the Capital Building. 

Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor

The Lerman Report Staff

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