The Nation Badly In Need Of Clean Potable Water





Has A Major Water Shortage..Most Municipalites Are Using Bottled Water.That Only Means Two Things… One Their Water Supply Is Questionable And Two That They Are Reliabing On Out Of State Bottled Water.Its Only A Matter Of Time Before The Seller Of Bottle Water Jurisdictions Run Out Of Quality Potable Water.
As For Down State NY Water A Tunnel Was Built From The Delaware Valley To New York’s Long Island Which Consists Of The County’s Of King County(Bourough Of Brooklyn),Queens County(Queens Borough Of Queens)And Nassau and Suffolk County’s, Brooklyn and Queens County  Are Part Of NYC And Get Their Water From Upstate  N.Y.While Its Suberian Communities  Included Nassau And Suffolk  Gets Their Water From Underground Aquifers.
The Tunnel Is So Big That Submarines Sail In It.This Water From Delaware Is Badly Needed In Those Areas Which We Will Tell You Have The Highest Population Per Square Inch In The Nation. However Every Place In America Is Using Bottled Water. Gone Are The Days Of Drinking Fancy Water The Likes Of Perrier Strictly  To Appears High Class.The Country’s  Water Supply Is In Big Trouble. Its Only A Short Matter Of Time That The Water All Over Becomes Tainted Or Undrinkable.
 AIn Long Island  AGood Deal Of America’s Water Comes From Supply Also Cones From Underground Aquifers.Theses Municipalites Have Drilled Down To Its Last  Aquafers And Any Further Drilling They Will Be Hitting The Brackish Level (Mixing With The Salt  Tables Below).NYC First Became An Incorporated City When Water Was Drawn Via Watermains From Upstate Making  It The Biggest Place From Newly Immigration Settlements. Today America Is Taking In Millions Of New Immigrates.Left And Right…Just Where Is The Water For All These New  Commers Going To Come From You Tell Us? Desalination  And River Usages Can Only Be Used As A Temporary Measure  Before  Navition In Rivers and Bay Areas Become a Problem ..So In Closing We Urge All Governments  All Through The Nation To Make This A  Number One Priority 
Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor

The Lerman Report Staff

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