This “Covid Releif Bill “Is A Travesty We Urged President Trump Not To Sign It


This For A Lack Of A Better Term “Covid Releif Bill” Shouldh Have Remained  Unsigned By President Trump. It’s  Beyond An Abortion Of Anything Resembling Help For The American Public. Every Member On The Hill Including Both Houses Any Across Isle Rest Assured Had Their Fingers In The Pork Barrel. Billions In Pet Pork Barrel Giveways And A Misley $600 For Each American.

Now That He Signed It He Really He Never Really Had Any Firm Garurantee That Both The Democrats And Republican Legislators Will Go Back To The Drawing Board And Up It To $2,000 As They Promised Or Implied That They Would. The Only Reason For All Those Politician On The Hill Clamering For Him To Sign Only So Their Pork Barrel Giveways Would Go Through. If Were Betting Man I’d  Venture To Say That Trump Was Played. If The Senators And House Members Go Back On Their Word..There Is An Old Yiddish Exspression. “So Riff Meir Pisha” Loosley Translated ” So What”.



Where Were All The Conservative, Pundits And Pontificaters Before The NY  Post Broke Their Story Of The Pork Included In This Bill? We Don’t  Recall Hannity Or Levin Any Other Columist  Utering One Iota Of Word Questions Of Whatever Pork Maybe Added Into This 5,5600 Page Bill. We Here At Lerman Report   Questioned That.Over A Month Ago.

We Will Say Although At The Lerman Report Are Ardent Supporters Of Israel No Foriegn Aid Should Have Ever Made The Cut Into Ths Bill

We Don’t have Legislators We Have Only An Unauthorized Philanthropy Organization Giving Away Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars “


Aid Slated Go To The Palestinian Authority To Tune Of $240:Million  Should Never Become A Part Of Any Bill..Money Which Most Probably Wind Up Going To Their Slay For Pay Policy.One Of The Sponsors Was A  Democrat Member Of Congress Nita Lowey It Doesn’t  Matter If We Vote Someone Out Of Office The Party Pulls Their Strings While Those Elected Are Merly here Glory Boys.


We Accept It, We Reject It – Republicans vs. Democrats

Let Us Proclaim This Loud And Clear No Federal Funds Should Ever Go To Cities That  Mayors Stood By And Let Looters and Rioters Burn Down  And Have Their  Way Plus Denied Citizens Police Protection Their Perspectives Governors Who Neither Has Them Recalled Or Activevated The National Guard. 


Any Federal Aid Should To These  Beleaguered  Cites Should Be Forth Coming Only After These Mayors And Governors Are Both Removed From Office..

So In closing  We Are Saddened  That President Trump Capitulated And Signed This Bill. Members Of Both Partys That Asked For A Quick Signing By President Trump In Our Estimation Was Only Self Serving  To Have Their Pet Pork Barrel Project Go Through We Call That Un American

Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor

The Lerman Report Staff


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