Will Electric Cars Open The Door For Nuclear Power Plants?






I’m a100% for Electric Cars hitting the market.
It’s the first time in Over 50 plus years that something new of that magnitude has arrived on the scene.The last I was this excited was Introuction of the muscle cars in the mid 60’s and the Intrucduction The Japanese Cars in the 70’s. The Dodge Charger, Super B,Mustang GT,Camero SS and  Z28 ,Chevy Chevelle SS 396. Those were the days.The Halcyon Years for American Cars in my time.
I also remember when I was in the Marines those returnting from Vietnam received combat pay and on a Marine Base there was more Corvettes than any where else in the world. ..That distinction was lost when the Datsun 240Z hut the scene .Marines would get them in Japan shipped back duty free..Thst was an wonderful time for car owners..Toyota Corolla GT. was also equally exciting!
Now The Electric Cars are coming to the dealerships.The new Testla leading the way
Now We don’t want to be a party popper but whatever clean air and less pollution we’d get from Electric Cars will be zeroed out by Powerplants if they burn either Coal or Oil..Think About that for a minute or two .Save pollution at one end taketh away at the other end.
We sincerely hope the the Electrical Powerplants come up with some sort of Atmospheric Filter so the Powerplants don’t switch to Nuclear. The only Nuclear power use that were for is in Nuclear-powered Submarines.A small nuclear  power pack the size of a can of coffee is used  where you can’t store gallons and gallons of oil or coal.Other than that we put a thumbs down on nuclear energy. 
Nuclear Powerplants are a disaster waiting to happen. Just look at Cheroble or Fukdaka..All nuclear power plants are is a very very cheap way the boil water inorder to turn a turn turbine.Cheap yes but keep this thought in mind the savings go not to the ratepayers but to the stockholders.. 



Moses Lerman Blog Administrator & Editor


The Lerman Report Staff


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