Some Nerve Democrats Now Urge Everyone To Join In And Heal The Nation

The Democrats have some nerve.The first thing out of Biddens mouth is we must heal the nation..For four unrelenting years the Democrat Party knocked President Trump from Pillar to Post..They knocked his wife even his young son Barron nothing was off limits to them .

They Democrats and the Main stream media knocked his supporters. They Called his followers a a bunch of stupid uneducated racist and white supremacists.Trump was put down for his border policy which was no different from that of his predecessor Barrack Obama.They made nothing out any diplomatic breakthrough that achieved world wide.

We all watched as gangs of Anifa and BLM pillaged looted and burnt down business’s areas in all of our major cities ..All while Democrat Mayors refused to let Police do their job and protect people from these marauding bunch of bums and thugs.

The Democrat Governors inturn also  refused to remove these rouge mayors from office or call out the National Guard..and those who are Trump Supporters are asked for calm and help heal the nation..some set the Chutzpah to say that after all the events of the last four years events.

At one time when we all tuned into the evening news we saw Journalist ls such as. the likes of a Walter Kronkite delivering the News ..When we wanted commentary we all waited till Sunday and watched Meet The Press or Argonsky and Company or The  McLaughli.Group..Today the line between news and commentary has been blurred.

The Democrats held up The stimulus package and every American in our heart of hearts we got to believe for political purposes only .The Democrats.didn’t like the outcome of The Muller Commission Report results and still didn’t stop them from Impeaching Trump.

We at the Lerman Report even lost both respect and trust of Fox News.First Fox made their prediction that Bidden is winning and later they confirm that prediction puting Bidden in ths win column.

We see both Elected Republican Party Officials and Republican Office Holders  along with the Major Press Corps spending no time in throwing Trump under the bus and getting on band wagon of Hail Bidden upon his victory.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the President in his quest for Justice in what appears systematic fraud perpetrated upon the American People .

We will continue coverage on this every time something new is reported …Moses Lerman.

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