The Lerman Report Supports Trumps Recount Efforts 100%

We At The Lerman Report Objected To Mail In Ballots From The Get Go.We Understood All To Well What The Mail in Ballots Would Cause…
When Bidden Gets On The Airwaves And Says That He Will Be The President For All Americans Even Those Who Didn’t Vote For Him. Pardon Us If We Don’t Buy It..By The Democrats Own Past Words & Deeds That Statement Reeks Of A  Bogus Democrat Party Play Book For The Entire Tenure As POTUS Trump Was Hounded Wire To Wire From Day One That He Took Office.
The Distain For Him was Not Only Unwarranted It Was Both Disrespectful And Base On Lies Told To The American People By A Press That Was Seemed To Be More In Collusion With The Democrat Party Than Honest Brokers As Impartial Media Which They Definitely Was Not
I Closing We Urge That Every Mail In Ballot Be Put Under The Microscope In A Forensic Fashion For Democracy’s Sake
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
lerman (1)

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