It’s A Shame That People Are Complaining That Gal Godot Will Get The Nod To Be Cast As Cleopatra

                    Gal Gadot – Wikipedia



The Complaining that Gal Godot Who Is An Israeli Jewish Actress slated to star as Cleopatra is Anti Semitism at its worse.
To Make Her Or Any Actress Under Go A Litmus Test And Put The Heritage On Their Line Is Way Beyond The Pale Of Decency.
Arabs are making A Lot Noise That The Part Should Go To An Arab of Egyptian Decent. First of all Cleopatra was not Egyptian but Macedonian Greek.
Alexander The Great leaving no airs the lands that he conquered were divided up to his Generals. or Diachi .

In Egypt the Ptolomy line in Assuria It Became The Greek Seleucid Empire.
Besides Cleopatra Was A Big Whoa (Whore) Nafkah Since She Didn’t Marry Julius Ceaser She merely Had A Baby With Him …She Did The Exact Same Exact Thing With Herod.The Idea Of Marriage Was Not An Ancient Practices But Just Having A Child Conceived By A Neighboring Ruler Was  Business As Usual Back Then.
Now Arabs are complaining left & Right That The Part Should Go To An Arab And Creating A False History Which They Do Best Are that Cleopatra’ Mother Was A Berber.
 Cleopatra was 100% Greek Background..Pre Christian Greeks Had No Compunction if They Married A Sibling.
We Will Tell You This To Bring Up Gal Godot’s Ashkenazic Background On The Carpet Is Way Out Of Line.Even If She Was100%”European Without Any Jewish Lineage Still Would Be Way Off Base.
We Believe That Any Claim That Cleopatra’s Mother Was Of Arab Background  Is Merely A Story Teller’s Way Of Spinning Line Of B.S.
 Charlton Heston Played A Fabulous Moses.He Was Not Jewish And That Fact Was Never An Issue.
We Sincerely Hope That The Production Company Does Not Capitulate Any Of These Mal Contents And Replaces Her With Any Other Star.
 Bottom line is this If You Find Fault With Gal Godot Playing Cleopatra Then Steer Clear Of Any And All Movie Theaters.There Will Be More Popcorn For Everyone Else.
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