A Word Of Advice To The Trump Campaign If They Want Victory

‏Let Us As An Ardent Supporter Of President Trump To Give His Campaign Manager A Good Deal Of Well Heeled Advice.


Bidden Is Basically A Looser .His Campaign Is Very Wise In Our Opinion..He Comes With An Awful Lot Of Baggage..8 years Of A Major Part Of The Obama Administration,His Son Hunter A Big Salaried Recipient Of No Show Jobs In Industries That He Knows Nothing About..His Forgetfulness Or Senior Moments Have Been Well Documented..but His Campaign Is Smart Very Smart.
Bidden Is Winning in The Publics Eye..Why? Because Instead Of Directly speaking to his supporters who are already in his camp He’s reaching out Saying Stuff To Win Over New Voters…While Trump. And His Campaign Seems Content Just To Have An Amen Cheering Section..
That Does Not Win Over New Friends ..All It Does Is Have Him Have A Stacked Crowd Of Trump Supporters Yell And Cheer Him On.
So In Closing We Sincerely Suggest The Trump Handlers Heed Our Thoughts Before Bidden Gets Any Bigger Lead In An Already Biased Media…
When I As Editor Follow People or Blogs On Facebook Or Twitter..My Camp So To Speak Will Always Applaud My Posts..I want To Go And Comment On Sites That Are Not Necessarily Echoing My Thoughts But Are Opposed To My Line Of Support and  Perhaps Wins Friends and Influence People Something The Bidden Camp Is Doing And Trump Camp Is Nothing..
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


                    THE LERMAN REPORT STAFF

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