Governor Coumo New Yorks Worse Governor Ever…Threatens Synagogues Closures


Governor Andrew Coumo has threatened Synagogue closures.Aparently. While Praying has become unacceptable protesting..toppling of Statues remain acceptable”It’s a healthy expression” was his reply to the press concerning that.
He flat out refuses to remove Mayor DeBlasio. from office or even call out the National Guard as roaming thugs such as Anifa ..BLM. as well as Gang Bangers take control of N.Y.Neighborhoods all over the state. 


NY.Is Bankrupt has among the highest taxing states in the union and yet voters  praise him as a great Governor. 
However threatening to shut Synagogues is something we whould expect to hear out of  Hitlers Office in 1938 not out of Albany in 2020.
Yet as the sun will rise tommorow when Jews go to vote and will run like Ganifs(thieves) to pull the Democrat Lever when in the voting booth….and that you can make book on..
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

                 THE LERMAN REPORT STAFF

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