Unknown Stars Drank Out Of The Trough Of Roseanne Barr To Stardom And Dropped Her Down Like A Hot Potato To Stay On New Series Without Her


Basically a bunch of Unknown Stars Drank out Of Roseanne Barrs Trough To Stardom And Let Her Down Like A Hot Potato.Yes Roseanne made a bigoted remark and we are not excusing it.
However Mel Gibson said far worse against Jews and each time was welcomed back to Hollywood with open arms.A big double standard.What upsets us most is that when the rewind show of Roseanne wrote her out to obscurity every star deserted her.She made them all rich drinking at her trough..It was her name that made them rich.

When MS dropped Jerry Lewis each and ever co star walked away with Jerry though they were offered top spots on the Television Telethon.We hope that all the stars that rode to stardom on Roseanne fame are happy with their disgusting non sense of loyalty.
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

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