One Man’s Take Can Turn America Into A 3rd World Nation…Think About It!


  • Fauci’s take is not the end  all wisdom out there when it comes to opening up or keeping  America shut.
  • Perhaps we are wrong but seems to us that it doesn’t phase him if we are all boarded up for the next 2 or 3 years.
  • What does he care how long we all stay shut up….He makes a very large salary plus commands an enormous department .
  • He’s sort of living it up in the limelight.
  • He doesn’t have the problems that Joe and Jane America has making a living…
  • He’s not a retailer who’s rent goes even though he has to keep his shop closed nor work at a Business that is closed down and employees are at the moment jobless at the moment due to that fact…
  • Fauci’s Favorite Song?


We get the impression that the Government will wait as long as it takes  one of the blessed & anointed member of Big Pharma to come out with a vaccine.What if takes 10years for any of these Drug Company to achieve a Vaccine?Will Uncle Sam still keep everyone in this semi quarantined state?
Many Nations have found other forms of drugs off label usage which works just as well.Israel has developed clothing which does the trick.
However Fauci remains adamant about standing by and saying that expect to be closed  up for another year or so.
Pfizer is getting  $1.95 Billion to Produce Coronavirus Vaccine by Year’s End and have now we hear that Johnson & Johnson has gotten their feet wet in a done deal with the Administration..
Open up America now ..Lets roll the dice and see what happens.
Keep this in mind the nuclear fallout from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t last this long to dissipate.
America is being taken for a downhill ride to Palookaville right into being a 3rd world country.In a year if retail outlets are do not open up factories will fold for good and We as nation will never recover for a good 20 years.
We would venture that this Corona virus is all petered out reduced to a bad cold or flu like symptoms at best..
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture

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