Trump Can’t Afford To Loose Support From American Jewish Republican Voters

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Rourke/AP/


One of American’s newest  group of new Republican voters are pro Israel Jews.They are bigger in numbers than Actual polls show.
Trump cannot  alienate any percentage of these new voters even as little as only a few percentage points if he intends to carry any large metropolitan city where Jews reside.
However Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr.’s Girl Friend Kimberly Guilfoyle made a speech at The RNC in which she used an anti-semitic code word “The cosmopolitan elite” which we believe was solely intended to curry favor with white Supremacists a way playing both ends to the middle.

If you want any Jewish support stop that now and Instruct Your son’s handlers not to do that any more and a both an apology and exclamation are in order

Many Supporters of Trump  in Israel and abroad find it very troubling concerning the comments by Kimberly Guilfoyle and other Republicans at the RNC disputable .To see that each “elite speakers speech was not scrutinized and vetted before spoken remains deplorable among Jews or perhaps it was and the RNC didn’t care to change it.
We shall also like to emphasize that Israel and American Jews are most greatful for all the Good that pres.Trump did for Israel but he cant have it both ways and have his son’s girlfriend’ making coded anti Semitic messages.
We at The Lerman Report have been in the Presidents corner from the get go but if this is not cleared up soon and we get some sort of assurances that it will never occur again we will drop all support like a HOT POTATO”.
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