Want To Stop Massive Immigration On Our Southern Border?Then Stop Coffee Imports From Vietnam & Cambodia

The Crux Of Solving All The Illegal  Mass Immigration  On Our Southern Border.

If Uncle  Sam Wants to end Illegal Mass Immigration  from Central and South America  then stop all coffee importation  from those coffee growing nations  in Indio China such as Vietnam  and Cambodia.
Coffee was once grown almost exclusively in Central  and South America  at least  th oh se destined for U.S consumption.
That’s no longer the  case today.Most if not all coffee importation  comes in directly  from Vietnam and Cambodia…
Let me say it as it is..The major companies  involved in selling of Coffee never get to see nor handle their product.At one time  their were buyers who should buy on the spot market..Similar  to “El Exehiente “Buying from farms not unlike the growers such as the legendary  commercial  character  Juan Valdez.Other than the spot market purchasing everything else from washing the beans to roasting to canning was done strictly  by a middle man


Let me tell everyone the Coffee facts of life.There are many different  type of coffe beans for example  the Guatamalian which is weak also the tanzanian  weak as well.The strong one such as The Kenya AA or Columbian  Exselso,The Brazilain Jamaica Blue mountain..The Roast Masters talent is that no matter what beans are given to him he will make sure that the taste comes out exactly the same with  pinpoint concestinatcy regardless of what beans he receives from “El Exihente” These coffee roasters and canneries  do all the work while the contracting  company  never sees it touches their Coffee product
In coffee a varietal  is better than a single bean perhaps with few exemption  ls such as The Hawaiian Kona and The  Jamaica Blue Mountain. Where as in Wine a single grape may be desired while few variables  may be taught after such as Merlot or of season sweet red I red or white  from grapes left on the vine longer.
Now we  almost exclusively have coffee being imported from Indo China..
So it’s very simple  solution Stop importing  coffe from South East Asia and start reordering our Coffee from Central and South America..Once  coffee production  is increased have to old 1970 levels in Latin America then their will be jobs once more and a renewed economy in central and South America
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
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