A Pathetic Path Awaits America Now That Democrats Won The Oval Office..Senate & House Tantamount To A Dictatorship Of Sorts




      A pathetic future Now Awaits America Now Thar Democrats Won The Senate  Presidency and House Prepare for DC to become a state hence 2 more Senators From a District  less than  Brooklyns Canarse..Theycwill Pack the Supreme Court  adding 5 more Justices..Open borders alijgvwith SSI ..Medicare Foodstamps..$1,8000 relocation fee per family  member and a subsdized apt for 6 years a quick path to  Citizenshio to every Shmuck and his brother.Free College education for Daca immigrants. This will guarantee them a Group a  permanent class of voters  emdebted to them.
As Of Right Now Every Democrat Led City Has Been Looters and Rioters A Free Rein In Their Onslaught Property.Mayors In These Municipalities Have Looked The Way And Tied The Police Departments Hands Behind Their Backs.Democrat Governors Are Reluctant To Call In The National Guard Which According  To Law & Protocol Its The  Governors Call And Not The Presidents.

            Non Citizens Allowed To Vote

Rioters And Looters Gave Crossed The Line And Are Now Terrorists.These Lawless Destructors Of America No Longer Fear Nor Respect Authority Just Like A Brazen House Mouse Who Rears Himself In Broad Daylight.
Democrats Had The Exact Position As Trump on Protecting Our Border As Trump When Obama Held Office


This All Occurs As We In A Shutdown First The Corona Virus.New Yorks Own  Mayor Has Downright Threatened To Lock Shut House’s Of Worship If They Break The Social Distancing Rule But Gives Protesters Freedom  To Congregate Wherever They Choose And May We Add In Massive Numbers As Well.

They’ve Been A Green  Light To Do As They Bloody Please.Politicians Have Already Capitulated To Their Demands Making A Sham Out Of Our Ballot Box.Anytime That They Find Something  Not To Their Liking Just Start Burning And Looting Again And Our Elected Officials Will  Just Throw In The Towel And Capitulate To Anything That They Demand. If You Ask Us That’s Not Anyway To Run A Nation.
Democrats Want Reparation For Slavery Paid To Blacks

If The GOP Loses In November And The Democrats Are Successful vin Capturing Control Of The Senate.Get Ready For A One Party System..We Will See Open Borders And Voting Rights For Non Citizens..Goodbye To Our Once Great Democracy.
These Rioters Should Have Been Stopped Right From Day One.They Now Reveal Their True Colors (No Pun Intended) As Anti White,Anti Semitic And A Communist Agenda..
Are You Mr. And Mrs.Voter With That? No? Then Get Out and Vote.
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture



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