Is Fauci Giving Us All A Stall Job By Not Opening Up America Untill Syringes With Chips to Are Manufactured?

Did the Corona virus  peaked or even ended already?Are we all being held capitive in our homes under sort of under house arrest for nothing?

Are the new figures both untrue and inflated to make it appear that Covid 19 is still with in full force.We don’t buy it.

Sorry we have our doubts …even the influenza epidemic of 1918 didn’t last this Long.

We heard that a syringe with a chip which will become a permanent fixture in our bodies like  a piece of shrapnel  which will be injected along with the Vacine.We might very well be tracked like fish in the Ocean..

If this is so its beyond outrageous on multitude of levels.First are we being denied freedom to go outside our homes and reopened our retail shops all because of Big Pharmas greed? We hope not

I never take the flu shot and don’t intend to this vacine either..When my Doctor asks me why I ask do you ever listen to Bobby Brown…well its my prerogative!

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