The Future If The Quarantine Last Much Longer..

Moses Lerman’s Prediction For The Future

If the quarantine last 6 months or or this is going to be rude awakening for America.Once landlords don’t get the rent for their stores then exspect them to longer maintance the strip mall properties as done before.In order to cut costs be prepare to see overgrown grass &/weeds not pulled out boarded up shut.The new tenants will pay much Lower rents but the quality of this shops will declined. We will see flea market caliber merchandise  what once top quality shops the likes that will Be a thing of past.
Neighborhood realestate price will pumel downward & realestate will be a cornacopua of budget priced houses will that will sell for a fraction of market value as they once were.The middle class will  evaporate and suddenly disappear and America will  eventually join third world nation status of having the very Rich and The Very Poor only.
Large Corporations will purchase large amounts of real estate  all throughout the nation and the top Fortune five hundred corporations  will eventually control all buisness.
We  must end this quarantine as quick as possible.Scientists and Medical Experts must graph improvement in air quality and the lessening Covid 19 patients as staistical fatal comes forth.
If this not done toot sweet we will sink into an abiss of some slum like condition that looks more at place in Calcutta or Singapore after a tsuname where people rummage through the Garbage dumps for  food for & other stufff.
We can not allow our to becomes this.
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
 lerman (1)
The Lerman Report Staff.

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