Jews Should Not vote For Self Hating Jews ..Vote Trump in The General Election

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Bernie Sander appears to be  a real self hating Jew. Although he marched with American blacks in Selma in the 1960’s and there is nothing wrong with that however how about  supporting your own ethic group  for once in your life .He is constantly  throwing Jews and Israel under the bus while pandering to Arab audiences.

His actions towards Israel are reminiscent of the concentration camps “Kapo’s”.

 He shouldn’t be getting 1 Jewish vote for dog catcher let alone President. I always hoped for the day a Jew would run for president  but he puts a big damper on it.

    There will always be Jews that will always vote Democratic under any circumstances ..most of them are over 95 years of age .Yet sad enough some misguided Jewish souls will run like Ganifs to pull his lever while in the voting pathetic


Those same Jews would vote for Hitler if he ran for office on the Democratic ticket..wake up and smell the new Democtat Party hatred for Jews..

Keep in mind that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of your dear old departed Bubby & JFK it has been taken over by a bunch of radical left wing Anti Semites.

Stay far clear of these new bred of Democrat Canidates that proudly display  their Jew hatred llke a badge of honor.

Fellow American Jews Stand tall and make a statement  don’t vote for Sanders. Don’t Let  SANDERS make headway in the Democrat Party as he’s  trying to win the White House.

Jewish support should go to any GOP Candidate in 2020 …

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The Lerman Report Staff.

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