Why Doesn’t Speaker Pelosi Curb The Squad?

Picture Wall Street journal

Speaker Nancy  Pelosi is letting this squad continue to spew hatred and Bigotry..She places Ilhan Omar on the foreign affairs committee.The public cry’s to have Ilhan Omar removed but it all falls on deaf ears.Some sceptics say that perhaps Ilhan Omar’s campaign contributers contributed to Pelosi’s campaign and putting her on that committee is a condition of that campaign contribution..who knows but one thing remain fact Pelosi doesn’t take her off that committee…One has to conclude that she has no problem with their bigoted rhetoric that we are hearing everyday.
Many life long time Democrat voting families are outraged at her  just standing idle and doing nothing to stop the Squads snowball effect and picking up speed and new adherents..Shame on her not getting involved.
lerman (1)

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