Kamala Harris Can Win The General Election Hands Down

Kamala Harris can walk away with the Democratic primary as well as the General Election..but she must  first move a  bit closer to the center..distance herself from this new far  radical left..more pro Israel.Move away from reporations it’ll divide an already fractured  nation even further.

We suggest instead of reporations  a Marshall plan for inner cities from all throughout America…more money for  schools to after school programs to infrastructure  etc.This most probery will pass muster with the Senate and House and most important the populate.

From a politician’s standpoint all reporations are is just a big pandering ploy  which is aimed towards African American voter which will never a become reality at least not today’s present political climate.

Although We believe that the level of rath that  Trump is receiving doesn’t warrant his policies..We still believe that his problems  are not going away soon and he can only be defeated by a Centrist Democratic Candidate .

Lets  say  it like it is  a Woman of  color can’t hurt either it’ll be a disivive plus to her victory in the Presidential election in 2020.

If she follows those parameters she can walk away with the election.

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