Palestinan Campaign Against Isreal & Jews Has Finally Backfired On Them


  1. When We see scores of Anti Semites worldwide clammering for the BDS movement but when guestion about what accually is is going on they know nothing of the true facts .. whatever they say is just a soundbite orva talking point.

Bar Jews from buisness..degrade the Holocoust.. rewrite history about  their own true origins to suit their policial agenda…more terror… more murder & more mayhem perportrated. Schools teaching and fostering Jewish Hatred…

They will get nothing at the negitioning table but free one way trip out of Israel to the nearest  Arab Nation to be United with their Brother Jordanian Syrian Iraqi &Lebonese Arabs..

How strange and bizzare that in today’s sick world people sooner take up without terroritsts over their victims..

The tide has finnaly changed as more sand more heads of state move their Embassy’s to Jerusalem.Yes the writing on the wall now reads”Israel is Here to Stay” We don’t know if a certain parts of their anatomy reaches another part of their antomy but with the dirty deads done by the Palestinan Arabs..they none the less Fu___ked themselves… Their plans backfired.

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