Trumps Peace Plan… Watch Out For Touted One State Solution…


When Netanyahu declared Israel a Jewish State their gotta be a method to that madness since it was always a Jewish state to begin with.At first We at The Lerman Report thought it was intended as message to Hamas and Abbas.
We now believe different. Is the Trump Administration perhaps  is touting a one state solution..a nation of Jews and Arabs together…Still unacceptable they have 22 other nations while Jews have but one..Ah ha now we know the true purpose  of that law along with it
 Return to 1967 lines? Is this what Trump meant when he accepted Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and added Israel will have a heavy price to pay?
Everybody understands that 1967 lines are indefensible making Israel vulnerable and is 6 miles wide at its narrowest point..With today’s modern weaponry Israel  can be invaded and lost in a matter of hours..Not Acceptable if that’s your deal of the century..thanks but no thanks..Israel will never sign on it.
If leaks on Trumps plan is accurate then Trumps deal is dead in the water..belly up..caput…fine..
   What it does is rewards terrorism implying that the end justifies the means..and those  who were butchered by the murders their lives  meant nothing and was devoid of any value whatsoever.Israel will most probably sometime down the.line face a multi  front attack…It going to happen eventualy.The Palestinian Arabs want all of Israel..Any deal would only serve as a stepping stone to total takeover.
Trump is no fool he knows that there can never be 2 states side by side with a return  1967 map lines .Below is what We believe is whats in store visa vie Trumps plan.


Former Netanyahu advisor Lerman discusses Israel’s true settlement ….Image result for hand pointing picture
TERRORISM SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN A BYE « THE LERMAN REPORT®.Image result for hand pointing picture
A 2 STATE SOLUTION IS JUST A STEPPING STONE TO … – THE LERMAN REPORTImage result for hand pointing picture

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