Roseanne Barr Gets Tar and Feathered Out Of Hollywood While Mel Gibson Gets To Rear His Ugly Head Over And Over

Cast of Roseanne grew rich drinking at the trough of Roseanne

A Group Of Pigs Drinking From A Trough.

What Roseanne Barr Twitted was beyond the Pale of decency.There is no excuse for any bigoted Tweet.
However she paid dearly by the loss of her show and fame.I would have liked to see her make some other amends other than her cancellations of her program..but there is double standard at playing outright here in Hollywood. It seems that  when it comes to that of Mel Gibson  he gets forgiven and welcomed back with open arms.Mel Gibson has over and over cursed out Jews  but is still around to rear his ugly head and spew his vile hatred of Jews.
What I’m about to say goes well beyond the double standard. Everyone  on the Roseanne Show made their living and  grew rich off of Roseanne name and fame . In other words they all drank at the trough of Roseanee.Now the studio heads fired her and wrote her out of the show .Not only  that but in the most low way possible ..”They had her die off with an opioid overdose” Every cast member jumped ship and dropped her like hot potato or as if SHE was she a  leper. Shameful .. although each and everyone could have repudiated and disavow her Tweet/they choose continue drinking a “The Through that Roseanne built and they filthy rich on… No loyalty .When The MDA Telethon gave Jerry Lewis the old heave ho things where different . Not one of The Co Hosts such as Tony Orlando cared to stay on.That’s loyality..and from what I heard they were asked  but downright refused and walked away.
 I was personally a guest on the Roseanne Barr Day Time T.V.Show back in  the year 2000 .I had a phone interview on live T.V.That interview that featured me since I just won The Ben’s Kosher Deli Matzoh Ball  Contest .
It was my very first She is really a very nice who messed did Mel Gibson..and Mel Gibson and Mel Gibson.
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