Israel Must Make Accommodations For Their Druze Population…Immediatly

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     We can understand their displeasure with Israels new law officially proclaiming it a Jewish state. .although that was always understood without any legislation..However when it was written appeared a somehow to be seen in a different light.Needless to say that to not sitting well among The Druze.

Keep that mind this law was strictly passed as a message Intended to combat Hamas and El Fatah claims on Israel and not ever intended in any way to put aside and hurt the Druze Community.

For years  Palestinian pressure & influence at the U.N. has culminated in trying  to take Jewish  claim to the be illegitimate .In addition they are trying to De-Judaizing all Jewish sites & landmarks as to further negate any Jewish claim to Israel whatsoever.
Israel’s Army Chief of staff is much concerned as a possible disruption in the military. Would any of The Druze community prefer to be ruled under the heavy hand of Abbas or Hamas? Israel must make some immediate changes in accommodation perhaps as a special status along with fresh money pumped into the Druze community. We are not privy to what Netanyahu actually said to the Druze leaders..we only hope for an  amicable conclusion suitable for both sides.Havinmg said all this we will say that a lot of dissention  in Druze ranks today among the young men in the IDF
                         SPEAKING TO CONGREATION

                 .   THE LERMAN REPORT STAFF

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