How Dare People Compare Israeli’s To Nazi’s


Jews In WW 1 German Army

Palestinian Engaged In Terrorism



Jews in Germany were not engaged in an armed struggle against Germany nor were they not engaged in terrorism or any form of civil disobedience whatsoever. They were not looking to take over any city or portion of the country for their own..all they wanted to be is good loyal German citizens.It s the complete opposite of whats transpiring between the Israelis and The Palestinians.
To compare Jews to Nazi’s that is the height of Antisemitism and beyond the pale of decency.When the Army or The  Police Go after Terrorists they are not in the same league.. The Terrorists are the murders and The Army’ or Police are fighting violence with force.
Israel’s actions are in no way the same as Nazi’s who went after Jews unprovoked.The people saying that care about not one iota about the Palestinian people. It’s just an excuse to further knock Jewish people in a more so call acceptable or palatable way so to speak.
     How come the same people don’t speak out about The Kurds which actually is much larger group than the Palestinians or another down trodden people such as those  groups which  are in abundant in Africa Now.Listen up at no time are we saying that the Palestinian condition in which they are living  is a quality one..However they should place blame squarely on their own leadership.
When Israel handed over Gaza as a prelude to further peace.The Palestinian  Leadership received a massive most generous international aid package…They were destined to become the Hong Kong of the Middle East.However instead of investing in Factories ..Schools and other infrastructure they chose to build Tunnels to murder Israeli’s while they sleep and to purchase massive amounts of Rockets.
When we hear non Arabs or non-Muslims say”we only want to see Palestinian rights” what the people are truly saying is the hell with those Jew bastards.
They want to come across as warm caring compassionate folks but in reality they are cold bitter nasty bigots of the highest order.
Make No mistake about it when we See nations such as North Korea & China and Other various nations at the U.N. Come out with a hateful statements or vote against Israel…It irks us as to why these & other nations who never had Jewish populations in their country would have  such bitter hatred toward Jews. We can only presume that perhaps a lot of palms are being Shmeared with Green..There is an the old saying “Money Talk$.   

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