L.I. School Taxes Taking Another Hike..Throw The Scoundrels Out Of Office


The Overtaxed L.I. Homeowner

     Homeowners are  once more being bent over and and is asked to shell out more for their school taxes .The various School Districts Superintendents are in full P.R damage control Mode
“We  Constantly are hearing  the School  Superintendents say”We want to keep students after school actives continuing”. Want to keep the after school programs from ending? Then quit your feather betting job ..Get rid of Tenure.The only tenure that I want to see is a good opera singer like Pavarotti.
Long Island is slowly becoming  a ghost town as the middle class and senior move away to lower taxed states & municipalities. Unless you have a civil service job  or perhaps a  no skilled job but you accumulated along the years of employment a lot of raises in salary then your stuck living in L.I.but if  you have a good job skill or a college degree then our suggestion to you is find a new home town or state to dwell  in.
Our politicians believe  government is a cash cow.. they have draining our coffers as they drink and drink plenty from the public’s through. They sold out the future for  your grandchildren to live here in Long Island.Enough is Enough already lets  end this insanity…
When will Mrs.& Mrs.Taxpayer wake up and  start the process to throw the scoundrels out of office?
Say NO to school tax increases & say Yes to cutting salaries.. ending tenure and handing out pink slips.


LI school taxes: 2.6 percent increase for 2018-19 | NewsdayLight Orchid
Long Island School Budget’s Increase Property Taxes | Property Tax …Light Orchid
These 13 School Districts Have the Highest Tax Levies on Long Island ..Light Orchid
Mangano Just The Tip Of The Iceberg In Nassau … – The Lerman ReportLight Orchid


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