Jewish Religion Hijacked From Average Jews…

Moses Lerman Delivering His Weekly Sermon

          The Jewish Religion has been Hijacked From The Average Jewish family. At one time before the 1950’s every Jewish family belonged to a Synagogue in the U.S.A .You would have search far and wide in order to find anyone who was considered “Unaffiliated” back in those days,.  In addition to boys attending Hebrew school there was an option that Jewish Parents had for girls as well..Both my mother and all my aunts attended Young Israel in the 1930′ and 1940’s.They received an entire Jewish Education minus a Bat Mitzvah as this was pre conservative Synagogue days.
   When my Mother turned 13 in lieu of not having a Bar Mitzvah my Grandfather bought her a 20 volume set of  Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus..
     Years ago some real dedicated Rabbi”s would  sacrifice 10 years and live in a nation such as Cuba or behind the iron  curtain were there was no Rabbi’s there in order to administer to their Jewish Community.. Today’s Rabbi’s have seem to have given all that up for that big 6 figure salary and plush  house with along with all the other perks that today’s rabbi”s are receiving.
    A while back you dovened with a head covering such as a slouch hat( For those who aren”t familiar with what a slouch hat is’s the style of hat that Humprey Bogart  used to wear). Today the Rabbi at the Bimah will yell at you  right  during the service if they spot you wearing one. Today Rabbi’s don’t socialize with other members of their own congregation but only with other Rabbi’s and other Jews who maintain a strict Frum Way of life..
     Today the Their congregants are good enough to support them with a 6 figure salary but no good enough to break bread with. Today’s religious Jew has a Genuine Disdain for Jews whose life  style-are less observant or any other stream of Judaism . Not All but quite a few have become self serving.
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