Lerman Report Contemplating Possible Sale

Serious Inquirers Only…

  •   Due to other commitments we are considering putting The Lerman Report up for sale..The Lerman Report is a well established Blog with a considerable National and International following.

 HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture
  • All offers must start at $200,000
The sale of The Lerman Report Com can include buying the site out right.Which may or can include the name Lerman and Mr.Lerman’s personal  image.It can also be renamed or a notice perhaps put that it sites name may change or be called The Lerman –  Smith Report and  a notice that in 6 months the name Lerman will be dropped and will just be called the Smith Report.Catorgories may be eliminated or the totally scraped.
The site itself once bought the  current theme may be changed with pre purchase approval or be permanently shelved.
A written  pledge will  include  a promise that either Mr.Lerman  or any one associated  with Mr.Lerman will not ever  open another blog after the sale of The Lerman Report.Com .This will also include closing down of any social media sites that Mr.Lerman is posting publicly.
 Mr.Lerman  further pledges that he or his associates will also cease  all  publishing and stop any and all updating including any Commentary  or Editorials with the sole exception of any contest that Mr.Lerman was either in or in which Mr.Lerman was a Judge or made some sort of celebrity appearance .Any pictures associated  with those actual contest or results of any contests will  once again be the sole extent of any publishing on DonMosesLerman.Com
Make all inquiries and Contact us Through this site..
Any and all legal fees associated with the sale will be the sole responsibility and concurred by buyer.

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