Mangano Just The Tip Of The Iceberg In Nassau GOP..This Ships Going Down


                                  HARENDRA SINGH                                                      ED MANGANO

When we watch T.V and read the various news feeds concerning Ed Manganos alleged lack of a better word) ” Shakedown”of Harendra Singh who turned state witness who apparently shelled out plenty to Mangano and company.
Mind you that  Harendra Singh is just one A cog in the wheel among thousands of  other Businessmen and Businesses in Nassau County who apparently have play ball with The Republican Elected Officials in Nassau county if they wanted to get something done.. Put up or Shut up..No show Jobs ..Six figure Jobs given to Crony’s’ and Relative’s are what our Republican  and relative’s are what Nassau County Government has succumb to the Republican Party in Nassau County which many consider to be an Old Boys Club.
 Right now the Federal Attorney should prosecute Mangano  along with every other Republican who profited from the County trough with the same Vim and Vigor no different from anyone else.They Lined  their pockets and filled their war Chest with our hard-earned  Tax Dollars for ..Now its time reel them in and have them  pay the piper..

 We are also at a loss as to why the N.Y. State Fiscal Review Board knew nothing from this all along. Weren’t they just a bit suspicious with all the patronage jobs and overpriced supply contracts and such ? After all the Governor put them there to keep an eye on the financial string in Nassau  County. They were intended to act as watch dogs and protectors  of our money.  Why did they play Putzavta (Feigning Stupidity) all along. If they actually knew anything and didn’t say anything then they are as guilty as Mangano.  You Know What?  They had to know ..after all they knew of every penny in Nassau’s Coffers ..If proven true than they were complacent and part and partial of the problem but never the solution and they will face the same fate as Mangano.

Homeowners  Taxes  are so high  in Nassau County from this bullshit jobs ..patronage appointees . contract giveaways..You name it the Taxpayer are footing Taxpayer in Nassau County. Your going to see an Exodus from the Island the likes the World has not witnessed for 3,500 years ago since Moses led the Israelite’s out of Egypt. Now the new incoming Administration Under Democrat  Laura Curran is poised to assess every homeowners property..also don’t be bit surprised if those infamous speed cameras rears their Ugly Head once more as well.
Singh details perks at Mangano’s corruption trial | NewsdayImage result for hand pointing picture


Edward Mangano took $17,007 pay raise | NewsdayImage result for hand pointing picture
New Nassau County Executive Laura Curran … – The Lerman ReportImage result for hand pointing picture
Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano faces bribery charges | New …Image result for hand pointing picture

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