What Ever Happened To Balsam Hair Conditioner?

Moses Lerman Long Hair    Circa1972


  When I finished my tour in the Marines I decided to grow my hair long.  I went into the service in August of 1967. While I stationed at  Cherry Point North Carolina  I would call home every week-end.. On One particular call home my father asked me if I was growing my hair long?    I replied “No I have a flat top”.He went on to say that I should start letting grow long.
     He continued to say that  everyone back home is doing so..I told him listen  I’m not in the Boy Scouts but the Marines and every Monday we have an inspection. For those who put on a khaki suit  will recall the term we had to get “White Walls”  (high and close hair cut).When I was fully separated I said I’m going “Hippy  & I then proceeded to grow my hair Shoulder Length.
    My hair was unruly .  My father recommended a Hair cutting Establishment for me to go to. When  I left the nuevel Barber Shop  now Renamed  Unisex Stylist” My Hair resembled a WWII German Helmet.  My Hair was Very Thick and Wavy what you might call “A Jew-Fro”.  A friend at work recommended I that buy Balsam  Hair Conditioner…. It”ll tame the mane he said..
   It did..it was a great product.   It was the gold standard of conditioners.  Where did it go to?  Why aren’t they producing it any more..
   Apparently you can buy unused Bottles of Balsam that on-line that have been warehoused over the years . The Shampoo and Hair Care Isle is vast..However none compare to Balsam. Bring Back Balsam!
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