Trumps Proposed Parade Will Not Even Cost A Penny To Run…

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign   Weve been hearing ever since Trump  said that he would like to have a military parade like the one in which inspired him such as the on the saw take place in France that it’ll cost a small fortune to have……

           NOT TRUE AT ALL!

Let us just state right now it will cost the American taxpayer  “0′ absolutely nothing to run .
There will no cost concurred by Uncle Sam and we are going  to tell the American Public exactly why. So we suggest  that everybody  listen up..use your common.sense and wake up the simple truth of this Gross Misperception that Main Steam Media Outlets  have been feeding us for way too long .
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Every body serving on active duty in our Armed Forces does not  punch a time clock..they are being payed 24/7 whether they are in the Battlefield.. in the Mess Hall  or if  they happen to be  are Marching up on Pennsylvania Ave. As far as all the extra Police needed..Just have the military Police to patrol the parefery of the Parade Route.. Those marching can be billeted  at a  Barracks or tented Compound near by at Camp David. Plus there are plenty of Deuce and 1/2 trucks to shuttle Service to the parade route.
For any media outlet to say different is misinformation it’s  bogus either based on stupidity or playing politics..
This parade will boost morale  among  our citizens and inspire many to run out and enlist.
So let’s have the Parade and make it annual American tradition !
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Trump’s Military Parade Could Cost $30 Million – The New York Times


Trump tells Pentagon ‘to top’ France military parade –

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