Are All Thes Gyms Guilty Of Running A Pyramid Scheme?

 Image result for extra news boy cartoon signAre all thes Gyms or so called Health Clubs acctualy gulity in sort of a way of being part and parcial to opetsting a Pyramid Scheme against their membership.Think about it for a moment..Many folks recieve a gift membership around  Holiday  Time…They attend vigoriusly for 2 or 3 months and then stop going..Others attend a bit longer but also stop going.Now if everyond continued to go daily.They would be hosting more people than their facitity can accomadate..That my friends is a  no different than what  an investment broker such as a Bernie Madoff pulled off. Did you ever go to a self serve eatery and  after you recieved your food and then you walk around with your tray and can’t  find a place to sit.?Same Thing..
The  Gym’s depend on their cilentle to  stop attending.It’s paramount to fraudulant sales .Bottom line beware..

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