Afirmative Active Needn’t Had Pit One Group Against Another

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 AfirmativeAction never had to sacrifice one group in order to advance another.The solution was a simple one that everyone involved could have been accommodated without anybody being upset.While we admit that some Racial or Ethnic groups  have been disenfranchised over the years and was not given a level playing field so to speak enabling them to move up the rungs of the ladder to achieve the American Dream but to  stop the Dreams and Aspirations of  one group who also wanted a better future who never  caused that injustice was in no way wss that the answer.First let me state that not all Whites grew up with a silver Spoon in their mouths.Yes there are many poor whites today in America. I personally grew up a family of four living in a one bedroom apartment..So did many many others..We lived in a very old apartment Building build in the 1920’s .There were 65 units in each Building  and 12 and of these old Apartment Buildings on each block…All Poor Whites..No one had a great job waiting for them upon completion of school.Later on my family moved into City Housing. None of those people described just now ever had any “White Advantage”and we  don’t appreciate being painted with a broad brush and made into an apologist for something that we not part and partial in .


         Colleges are charging $40,000 a year to attend.Not $40’000 total but $40,000   per student per year.You mean to tell me  with all that tuition money that  they receive not one  of these colleges couldn’t afford  to open a few more classrooms and hire a few more professors? Of course they could have ..The fiasco  concerning this issue could and should have been  totally avoided and  there never should  have had any racial strife to begin with .So lets all agree to firmly place the entire blame where it belonged all along ..On the Colleges and Univercity’s back..Any and all  animosity stemming from this issue is their fault only..
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The Painful Truth About Affirmative Action – The AtlanticImage result for hand pointing picture
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