Starz Dropped by Altic USA Cable Systems and Screws Subscribers

    The Crying Cable Subcriber

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        In a surprise stealth move Altic USA Cable Systems has removed “Starz” stations from subscribers line up.This was done in the cover of darkness so to speak without any notice on New Years Day of 2018.The timing had to be deleberate and strategically timed  making it totaly imposible to call up their offices and complain as they were completly closed for the New Years Day.
We are sure that they were new they could get away  with this crap as it appears it was be all done within the of parameters the Law.Proberly some fine print or Double Talk Speak on everyones Cable Bill lets them walk away  unscathed with absolutly no culpabilty whatsover.
Aprarently some thing went awry in their negotiations and the losses and as usual they immediatly passed on to the custumers..Let any losses in profits or operating costs be concured by the stockholders not the subscribers.
Everyone already pays threw the nose for cable.
They  connstantly look for more ways to exstract more money from our wallets with “On Demand”and”Pay Per View” as if we don’t pay enough already.
What they just did this time to the Subscribers is  paramount to what a Husband does to his Wife on their Honeymoon.
They seem to have Carte Blanch on every raise that they force on to their allready over charged subscribers.
We guess that all their lobbing payed off for them.The Public seems not to have any advocates when it comes to Cable vs.The Public..It seems that all of our Elected Officials remaim out of site and out of the loop once again  as Mighty Cable  takes out The Steam Roller from their garage and once more Fattens Their Subsribers.

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