Terrorism Should Never Be Give A Bye

   Nobody ..No Government ..No World Leader…No Head of any Religious Organization should ever turn their backs and look the other way to Terrorism.By doing so it outright implies that “The End Jusifies the Means”.Once a group commits any form of Terrorism we at The Lerman Report Editorial Board feels that  it Automatically Disqualifies them from any and all Consideration for their Cause.


The Tunnells from Gaza into Israel was built strictly to murder Israeli’s while they lie asleep.. ..unexceptable.Suicide bombers in the market place... unexceptable .. some deranged fanatical zealot stabbing Jews in public places… unexceptable and those who targeted  and murdered Oympic Athelets... unexceptable…The sicko who  hacked up a couple of right in front their children as they where about to sit down for their Sabbath Dinner..unexceptable. The targeting of Kindergarden Children to murder to garnish support  for their cause…unexceptable. The Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas condones all of this Terror and hands out Cash rewards to those who murder Jews…unexceptable..The naming of streets after those Terrorists who murder Jews…unexceptable. This is who the world is championing The Terrorists over their Victims ..unexceptable.
Where has the World”s Moral Compass gone? For to those movers and Shakers ,the Hollywood Stars and everyone else who stands up and sides with these Terrorists ..unexceprable.  Jewish life has now become meaningless and  has absolutly no value to them whatsoever.How can anyone in good conscience continue to take up the Palestinian cause once these henious acts were perpetrated and still look at themselves in the mirror?
Yes Automatic  Disqualification from hearing or accepting any aspect of anyones argument once they resort to these Barbaric acts of  Terror.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King preached peaceful protest not cutting someones throat in order achieve your objective.

How dare other nations and leaders pick up the Batton for the Palestinian Arabs and ignore  all the Jewish suffering..The Arabs can do no wrong  and the Jews must bend over and make concessions when they murder and maime ..no thats not how its going to be anymore.

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