A Lerman Report Exclusive… Are T.V. Networks & Commercials Subliminaly Pushing The Palestinian Agenda?

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  You be the Judge ..We posted these 4 pictures from current T.V.commercials.The first one depicting a school teacher in a class room hosting a box from  Progressive Insurance the 2nd of a manager at a Dairy Queen 3rd a woman making what it appears to be making  an imaginary frame around her face in a cute fashion and finally a Sprint pitchman.
All these commercial spots are attempting to manipulate your feelings thoughts & perceptions of some people of Arab decent.They look to be of  Middle Eastern origin though the actors themselves may be a different ethnic backgrounds..but its definite that they are not Swedish. The producers intent obviously is to make it appear as if  they of Middle Eastern background. The actors  in these commercials  present appear non threatening and  likeable folks.This is paramount to behavior modification.
We at the Lerman Report know this to be true..We were tipped off and told of this on the QT by confidential sources from within the Advertising Industry on the condition that we neither reveal their names or the firm in which employess them
With  the true political climate and turmoil World Wide emanating from this group its highly inappropriate to perpetrate  this charade.Yes among every religious ethnic Group there are nice folks and they have their stinkers.
However the producers of these commercials sole intent are not to really sell a product but to  project a false image solely to shape public thought in order to create an atmospher of acceptance of the mass immigration that  may come here in the near future.By doing this it sidetracks any form of the reality of the true situation of what this immigration concerning these new people arriving on our shores really means to us.If  their entry into Euroupe was any indication of what we are  to exspect ..Then we can plainly see that they do no want to assimulate into Western  Society. This Media with their Sneeky Back Door Presentation avoids mentioning what the true impact will be for our Nation and Western Society when they take up residance here.
This should never be neither the advertisers or sponcors function.They are supposed to be pitchman for consumer goods not to be part and parcial to pushing and promoting a movement or being Social Engineers.It’s down right despeptive..it’s misleading and why are the Networks permiting this to continue..Talk about “Fake News” or “Truth in Advertising” well this takes the cake.Who knows if the sponcors are accually aware that their commerical spot that their paying for are being used as a vehicle to push and promote something other than tbeir product….or could it be that they are perhaps part & parcial of this charade?
Rememember when Angela Merkel had reservation about allowing in all the  Muslim Immigrants to  settle in Germany he said reasured her saying .”In Euroupe your on the right side of history” Pretty Scary if you thats the fate that awaits us and the end of Western Judeo – Christian Culture as we know it today.This Nuvelle Philosophy of if  you can’t beat them then Join Them should never be an option.


We ultimately got believe that this is some sort of  propaganda blitz to have the American Pubic support the Palestinian side of the present day on going  Arab-Israeli Conflict.
We are left with no choice but conclude this as factual because we now witnessing the Palestinian keffiyeh (scarf) a checkerboard type pattern making many apearances on the scene being slipped into commercials. We saw Mens shirt cuffs Keffiyeh pattern..also a Baseball Cap worn backwards showing a distinct Keffiyeh pattern on the inside of the brim eve.It’s also being touted as the the new Multi Culturism..but keep an eye on the commercials and you”ll see more of the same of what we just discribed.
This is not by accident or hazardly..it’s downright deliberate..We’ve also spotted a crescent and quarter moon ornament (Islamic Symbol) placed on mobile type of display in the background on the hit show featuring small houses. Maybe it goes unnoticed except being registered subliminly..but it doesn’t fool The Lerman Report Staff..The commercial producers as well as many media outlets owes  the T.V. viewing  public an explanation as to as why they are doing this. .
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