The Lerman Report Endorses Laura Gillen For Town of Hempstead Supervisor

                      TOH Taxpayer

It’s time for every concerned taxpayer to vote out The Republican Leadership in The Town of Hempstead .When you have such an entity in government the likes of The Town of Hempstead Industrial Review Board who are non elected officals who grants a multi million dollar giveway to the Green Acrea Mall Owners without any oversight from higher up officials.Somethings not right with that picture.A giveaway of that magatude had to pass muster with the higher up Elected Offcials. Hempstead Town Supervisor  Anthony Santino along with other elected higher ups claimed that they were not in the loop..You believe that? We at the Lerman Report.Com finds it hard to fathom that they were held in the dark..If you do then we have Bridge in Brooklyn that We’d like to sell you. Because as of right now of this each and every Valley Stream Homeowners Taxes will now go up anywhere from $950 to $ 1500 per year.. Today Valley Stream tommorro your town.. So please don’t try to convince us that the Higher Up Elected officals knew nothing of this deal untill it hit the Newspapers.(*note it’s now in the hands of the Court)
 On a different note The Town of Oyster Bay supervisor was indicted for corruption.Yet we will give him credit since his Town had the money to build Ice Skating Rinks,,Gyms,a New Parking Garage at The Hicksville Rail Road Station in addition his Towns homeowners got new sidewalks,curbs, aprons and new paved roads on their blocks.Why wasn’t these amenities ever slated and implemented in the T.O.H  Many T.O.H residents tell us it’s been over 40 years and still old have broken streets on their blocks.
 The Republican Party throughout Nassua County including the The Town of Hempstead  have become sort of an “Old Boys Club”.
If  your happy with the present situation in the T.O.H.then on Election Day pull the Republican lever when your on the voting Booth. If the Republican Canidate wins then its your no ones fault but your own .Then exspect nothing to change .Listen I never blame the victim but if you cast your vote for Santino then you whould be part and parcial to his victory..Wisen up  this time around vote for Laura Gillen.

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