Voters Should End The Republican Dynasty In Nassau County…


      The Nassau County Broke Taxpayer

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 It’s time to vote out Republican Party in Nassau County.For years they ran  roughshod over the taxpayers.They sold out any future for your Grandchildren to live and raise a family here in Nassau County.How many of you remember the Speed Camera’s? Though loud public outcry  put an end those Camera’s the Red Light Camera’s still exsist..and it really has nothing to do with the Road’s all about Revenue nothing more.The Republican Party has become a sort of “Old Boys Club” The N.Y. State Fiscal Board pulls the purse strings for Nassau County no longer is allowed that privilege after years of Mismanagement.Yet there had never been massive layoffs in any attempt in order to balance the buget.
Nassau County pays among the highest taxes nationwide..There’s an old expression “A New Broom Sweeps Clean”.We’ve spoken to many registered Republican voters they tell that this time around they will vote a straight Democratic ticket. Vote this time around for Laura Curran.
We urge every Nassau Voter to do the same.

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