Illegal Immigrants Or Non Citizen Green Card Holders Have No Right To Protest

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 Illegal Immigrants Or Non Citizen Green Card Holders Have absolutly no Right whatsoever To Protest.This is an exercise in disaproval of  Government policy that is strictky a constitutional  right for citizens only.Though registered Aliens have the right to Police Protection..protesting,voting and  taking legal action in a civil suite are not a accorded for non citizens.
Any protester found to be an undocumented  or even with a Green Card should be put on a the first plane available and sent packing … no and if or buts about it .  It makes absolutely  no difference whatsoever if they hail from  our Southern  or Candian Border or come in from any of our International Air Ports and over stay their Visa .To make matters worse at  each and every one of these current Daca protests you can see the Palestinian flag and BDS banners waving  freely. All of  these groups protesting  there are making a mockery out of our laws .
To Many lives have been left on Normandy Beach, Iwa Jima and The Ho Chi Minh Trail up to our present military conflicts to give this privilege away any  non citizens. Want to immigrate into the U.S.A.  do it the right way ..get application from The U.S Embassy in your home land..wait in line..takes a Citizenship test..But if noncitizenship and open borders mean nothing..Why serve in the armed forces? What nation can survive  under those conditions..answer:  none

California driver licenses given to 800,000 undocumented immigrantsLight Orchid

WIKILEAKS: Podesta Says It’s OK for Illegals to Vote With Driver’sLight Orchid


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