IHOP De-Judaizing Challah French Toast?

The Lerman Report®

                         Everyone knows that thick cut french toast is made from Jewish egg bread”Challah”.Now Ihop comes along and it almost seems that they are deliberty advertising it as Brioche (french egg bread) which is basically not sold in the U.S. ,but  Challah is in order avoid the  name Challah  .  A while back the stores name escapes me for the moment ,but they were advertising ”Artisan bagels ” as  to also  DeJudaizing the Jewish claim to bagels as if they wanted to De-Judaizing it .I say avoid this  so called new named   Brioche french Toast until they change it to  Challah FRENCH TOAST.

*Please read link below…

          Light Orchid

IHop’s NEW Berry-Berry Brioche French ToastLight Orchid
HOP Restaurants Introduce New Brioche French Toast!Light Orchid
And While Your…

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