Don’t Let The Politicaly Correct Police Take Columbus Day Off Of Our Calender..


 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign  We decided to publish this post a bit early than usuall because there  is a movement underway do undermind the Present Holiday of Columbus day and replace it with an American Indian or Latin American Holiday in it’s place.This issue has a now morphed into reverse discrimanation…Now listen up…

Let us ask every Politician today….Doesn’t the feelings and sensitivity of all those American’s of Euroupean exstraction count anymore ?

Every one who immigrated to the U.S.A. knew about this Holiday before they came to settle here..This is the American Standard.Columbus day will stay.

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Columbus discovered the New World.The Turks had just taken over Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul..They also blocked the trade route making  spices unavailable..He had intended orginally to find an alternative route bypassing  the  then Turkish blockcade.We that are from Euroupean background honor Columbus for opening up the “New World “for us.
 1.It  remains a great source of pride for Italian American’s  for thier contribution to  America with Parades & Street Festivals that take all place on Columbus day as well as for all American’s going back hundreds of  years .Yes all American’s would honor  Christopher Columbus on his day of birth.
2.Jews also honor Columbus as one of thier own.It is widely believed that his name in Spain was Christopher Colon..He is believed that he was a Marrano (Slang fort the new convero’s )  a name derived from  pork used to discribe those who would litterly eat pork in the streets to sort of prove that they are no longer a follower of thier old Jewish faith.Columbus hailed from Geneo a city that at that time frame was well known for the settling  of Sephardic Jews escaping the Spanish Inquistion.Columbus is said to have spoken very good Castillion Spanish but  did not speak well Italian..the debate on this continues to this day.. However We will say this loud and clear..We want Columbus Day to Stay!

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The Lerman Report Staff


2 comments on “Don’t Let The Politicaly Correct Police Take Columbus Day Off Of Our Calender..

  1. Phyllis says:

    The moral reason for removing the observance of Christopher Columbus’ happening upon the shores/coastline of the Caribbean is the ghastly behavior and treatment shown towards the peoples living out their lives before his arrival.
    It is well documented the brutality, butchery, debauchery, abuse, molestation, mutilation and inhumanity forced upon those inhabitants of the “discovered new world”…as Christopher Columbus’ actions have unfolded and been brought to light–it’s NOT about being a “proud Italian” celebrating the exploits of a fellow Italian, but honestly recognizing that all the actions of any man must be examined and placed into a moral perspective before presenting someone as a figure to be admired and celebrated.
    As we’ve seen statues of defeated Southern military men being placed into question in this 21st century…the time is now to take a moral stance and remove all things representing a divided nation — Christopher Columbus observance included.

    • Phyllis I did put a dislaimer “no comments on this story ” However I will answer your comment.I heard all these Columbus complaints many times before.I will say this up front that I’m not a bigot or a racist so please do not preach morality to me.I’ve never uttered or hurled a projarative towards any one of any group even in anger nor have I hindered any groups
      Progress to rise up rungs of the ladder to obtain the American Dream.This Liberal Political Correct Crap must stop..In trying to push forth thier agenda they steam roll over peoples culures caring nothing about any feelings or senisitivitys other than thier own.
      Columbus Day was well in place and celebrated way before any of the politicaly correct new commers immigrated to this country and decided to call it home.It appears that if any other beliefs don’t fit into your grand scope of your ideology it most must go.That was never the American way.What your doing is stirring up a hornets nest of new reverse discriminstion.If this nonsence continues to escalates pretty soon low lifes such as The KKK and Neo Nazi’s will get into the frey.I hope it never gets to that point because I find those groups the most discusting of all mankind and how dare you and your ilk attempt to place me and others who honor Columbus amoung them.This was a peaceful nation for the most untill the Politicaly correct police reared thier ugly head createing new issues such as this one. I find that those who subscribe to Political Correctness such as yourself never allows for any compromises of their views ..its either thier way or the hi-way. Since you respect no other peoples cultures,backrounds or traditions I can have no symphathy for your cause..
      ..Moses Lerman and The Lerman Report Staff

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