An Open Letter To All Fans Of Competitive Eating..

There is a concerted effort underway to undermine both my past Eating Ability and my Contribution to competitive eating..I was never a mediocre eater and all my hard work and earnest efforts are being made out to be  nonexistent. Further more input of mine into what was the burgeoning sport of competitive eating is now being  made out to be of  little or no importance. I helped shape and define the sport as it I today..I gave a 110% at every step of the way in day as an active participant in the sport..I was a champion eater who paved the way and set the table so to speak for those individuals that Eat today..I never entered  competitive  eating to do unpaid promos or to subscribe to Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of  fame  but to enter and win contests..That was my goal then and that’s the way I feel now.

Now the only thing that I can still  cling to as my claim to fame is My Butter and Baked Bean Record This is My “LEGACY ” and now I’m being usurped..

I found this you tube of few retired eaters or eaters no longer associated with Either Nathan’s Famous or IFOCE… The Footage shown above  was apparently sold to the makers of this clip which the U.N. is circulating to combat World Hunger.

However both my image and name on my hat are clearly visible in plain site.I never gave any permission authorization or written consent for this footage to be used in such a manner.

Thou I’m not pointing  fingers at anyone non the less I’d like to know how did the producers of this clip acquired this footage? I brought it to the attention of Nathan’s Famous a while back to no avail & it still remains on you tube..recently the music portion was omitted.

That issue has apparently been resolved and the music is back up and running..I would suspect that the air rights for that song was purchased for that purpose..but that’s still not acceptable to is the clip. View it for yourself . Don Lerman

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