Will Saudi king Thank America For Aid Package By Hiking Oil Prices Soon ?

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King Salman just received a most generous aid Package from Uncle Sam . Rumors are circulating that soon The Saudi’s along with the other OPEC members are poised to hike the price of  oil slated for  export. If this rings true then what Trump should do is immediately suspend this  aid giveaway. However that is highly unlikely as The Defense fense Industry is a highly influential entity. When Trump says its going to create jobs.. Not for the average Joe.. Those who are employed by the defense contractors basically have to know someone to get that job perhaps a politician or someone in the Union or the even the Defense contractor itself.
Remember a while back when Sadam Husein was knocking at the Saudi’s door we pulled their chestnuts out of the fire? We knew then that they were a ungrateful bunch. Strict orders were passed down that absolutely no Christian or Jewish Bibles or prayer books along with religious services are allowed.. We were good enough to die for the Saudi’s but had to refrain from expressing our beliefs.
Bottom line the Saudi’s were then and remain today  an ungrateful bunch.
Saudi fuel prices set for new hike in July; sources – Oil | Platts News ..
Saudi Arabia may hike petrol prices by 30% – Dubai Eye

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