We Support The Police But There Is a Particular Policy or Practice That They Must Reevalulate..

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    No milk today.

Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     Let us start off saying the We at The  Lerman Report support the Police 100%.Our Editorial  Board was  both highly reluctant and hesitant in publishing this post as perhaps it might lead to an anti Police bias that was never and is not our intention now. However there is one issue that stands out that doesn’t sit well with Us.
To protect the privacy and confidentiality of those whom we are about to mention We will refrain from using their real names. The Police in N.Y.C.and in Nassau County do or have done this if not as an official policy but perhaps a practice that they must cease to do. If someone is some sort of altercation with lets say a neighbor this is what almost always happens…. We personally know of a story in which a woman who sent her son to get a quart of milk in their apartment buildings milk machine.. The money got stuck in the machine a few times as her son hit the machine a few times trying to retrieve his money as he attempted to get the milk…. The noise was  very disturbing to the another tenant that the son was making attempting to get back his mother’s money from the malfunctioning Milk Machine.  That other tenant then confiscated the kids money telling him he was making too much noise. When the kid went back up to the apartment his mother says “Where’s the Milk? The son replied” That this guy on apartment 205 took the money away from me ” The mother rushes to the lobby &  approached this guy and said”  let me have the money that you too from my son back ” The guy wouldn’t budge and she insisted that he return the money that he confiscated from her son.
 The man says you want something? I’ll give you this.. and Boom he begins to deliver a series of  punches and slaps her untill she is  back-and blue and lying on  the floor .. The bldg.  security called the police. Now this woman was only 5 feet tall maybe 110lbs. soaking wet but this guy was 6’6”weighing pretty close to 500 lbs. He looked liked  Haystack Calhoon the former wrestling champion. It was quite obvious as who did the assaulting.. But now listen up… this is the practice that We now refer to… There are always 2 cops  on the scene one goes  to the principle complainer while the other goes over to the guy and suggests to him that he press counter charges and then most certainly she’ll drop her complaint as she probably don’t want to be arrested too. Now While We would venture that it is not official Police Policy..  But it is or  was  Police Practice. What We just told you is the 100% truth as we say in Yiddish “The Epis” This particular actually occurred We can access both the arrest records and the court document that will prove that it was on the Docket.  Whether this still goes on…  Who’s to say..We would speculate that when a case comes up in court the arresting Officer must be present and the Commanding Officers want his  the Cops in the street  on patrol not in a court room.These pertential arrests could amount to well over a thousand of these type of incidents weekly. That could mean a thousand fewer Police Officers on the street. Thou this incident happened years back  anyone who was ever in a similar situation will swear on a stack of Bibles that this is so.
Police should never have been told the other party to press counter charges. …Less court appearances ? Exactly why it s only speculation..
BTW This is a true story because I was the kid sent downstairs to get that quart of milk and the frail 5 foot  tall woman who had counter charges filed against her by this 6’6″  500 lb. behemoth upon police suggestion was my mother. ..Moses Lerman


Assault Charge, and Possible Counter Charge – ExpertLaw.Image result for hand pointing picture


Pressing counter charges | Legal Advice – LawGuru..Image result for hand pointing picture



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