Moles are In ..

Image result for picture of an old lady with facial mole
 Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign     I don’t know about you out there but if you’ve been observing T.V. commercials lately they are featuring a lot commercials staring Actors and Actresses with Facial Moles…Why? … I like most folks find moles discusting and repulsive . At one time to star in a Hollywood movie or TV Commercials they only hired people with matinee idol style looks..  I don’t know why they’re choosing to feature people with Moles perhaps they are trying to garnish some sort of acceptability of “The Mole”. If so them what they are attempting to do is paramount to behavior modification of sorts.. Perhaps we can all exspect to grow a mole as  we grow older.. but a form of   Beauty? I think not!
Remember the last chapter in Planet of the Apes where  future generations of peoples facial features were hidden with a mask and  were mutants of some sort due to past Atomic Bomb warfare. Well at the conclusiom of the movie one of their leaders says ”let us reveal our true selves” and they remove the facial masks showing a deformity from past radiation  .. it showed a groosly disfigured bunch… Then the leader says “This will now become  The New Beauty”
I still reject it and  wish that they return to the old practice of hiring atractive people without Moles .

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