School Budget Votes Passed… We Don’t Buy It…

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          The school budgets in 123 school districts passed in Long Island.. We at The Lerman Report.Com are scratching our heads in disbelief.. Everyone we talk to is up in arms and totally outraged at the constant increases in our school taxes any it’s passing at the ballet box with flying colors. The laws must be rewritten concerning the school budget votes.. One if it fails it’s brought back to the ballet box in 60days for a remote. If that vote fails too its still increased but not to the intended amount.. Its a no loose situation for the school administrators. That’s the crux of  the problem.. You have to rein in the administration and its higher ups who care little or nothing for the education of the students and  definitely nothing for the plight of the taxpayer . They scare and threatening us with eliminating school sports and programs while they remain above the fray with untouchable salary cuts or reductions in their benifit package .. Many teachers are burnt out.. Tenure must be eliminated.. The voting tallies must be recounted.. Whenever there is a Cap on School Taxes the School Districts will bust it  as easy busting a pimple.  Each and every the voting machine plus the  computers that tallied the votes  have to be forensicly taken apart as to find out if the final outcome matched what the Board oof Elections claimed .. The voting public is startled as to the outcome.

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