Long Beach Developer Must Believe Government Exists For Their Own Purposes

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         Manhattan developer IStar Financial, with Plainview-based contractor E.W. Howel is tring to receive a $109M tax break from the city of Long  Beach. This development outfit has to be put in their  place. To insist to a point where they remain indignant as to the fact that they are not getting a handout in the form of a tax abatement is way beyond the realm of decency. This is another travesty that would be put on backs for the Long Beach Homeowners. Apparently they have the audacity to threaten some sort of legal action to advance their  selfish interests.  Hey the Government is not anyone’s  “Cash  Cow”.  The homeowners are already paying through the nose when it comes to taxes. Your corporation is way out of line. To put your hands out for sort Cash Break for your private venture that no entity other than your own corporation will benefit  is the hight of Chutzpah (in the English vernacular “you have some of set of balls” )
We at here at The Lerman Report believe the Long Beach City manager most now Ban this company from any and all future buisness dealings with the city of Long Beach starting from right now.
If any politician goes along with  this proposed giveaway  we suggest you vote  them out of office, starting with immediately impeachment  and conduct a full investigation into their finances with an audit of their bank accounts going back 5 years to see if there is any paper trail of money exchanging hands for any and all favors from the Long Beach government.

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