Notice From The Lerman Report Blog Administrator..

We at the Lerman Report have been experiencing Technical Problems On Our Publishing as of late.. Saved Drafts are Missing, Stories Published  Are Automatically Being Trashed and  Revisised Copies Posted Are Rough Copies often containing Grammatical and Spelling Errors. Our Corrected Final Copy Often may Be An Older versions Rife With Misspelled  Words which was  never intended To Be Published. These Malfunctions And Errors Have Delayed The Speed In Which New Fresh Stories Are Posted In Timely Fashion. Word Press Engineers Have Assured Me That This Issue Will Be Resolved So Please Bear With Us..We At The Lerman Report Urge Our Loyal Readership To Post Comments However We Will Not Publish Anything Profane Or Slandersess, Nor Any Comments That Contain Links or Advertising Or Pictures of Any Kind ….
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