The Expression That Veterans Hate To Hear..

THIS IS THE ARMY – 1943 clip 5 (Army, The End)Light Orchid l
                  Let me clue everybody in on something.. When a Veteran Hears the expression “Thank You For Your Service” It doesn’t make him or her happy. As a matter of fact it down right Pisses them off.. First of all no fellow Veteran will ever say that to another Veteran.. That phrase  means one and one thing only when said to a Vet, It means from the  person saying it that you That although you had to go and serve but I didn’t. If it was said by an elderly woman or Boy Scout that would be acceptable.  However that  phrase doesn’t sit well with most Vets. I can see someone using that old stock reply upon hearing that someone passed away  “I’m  sorry for your loss” But “I want to thank you for your service”? . When it comes from one if your contemporaries it does the opposite of what the speaker intended to do . When a fellow Marine spots another Marine the Greating is Semper Fi &  the return responce is ” Welecome Home”
Let’s tell it like it is most Veterans graduated High School and put on a khaki suit..While most others skated from any military service graduated from High school went to college and got stoned.
While I’m not a  Combat Veteran and don’t proport to be one & I’m in no way a Sgt. York or an Audey Murphy but I didn’t run to Canada, I completed my enlistment in the Marines and  whenever I  hear that expression it doesn’t sit well with me.
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