This is What Jewish People Invented The Word Putz For…



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         This is what Jewish people invented the word  ‘PUTZ”for..No other ethnic or religious group on Earth would ever crap on thier own group in the manner like these self hating Jews  in the above picture have demonstrated. When I see someone holding up a sign or wearing a shirt that says  “Another Jew For disinvestment” It sickens me too.Sometimes its a non jew Wearing the shirt or displaying the sign for then cameras to score points for thier Anti Semitic organization . If you’re so embarrassed or ashamed of your own religious  background  then why don’t you don’t just convert to another religious  and stop your dissatisfaction once and for all.
What your doing is making a” PUTZ” out of yourself on the world stage and making it look bad for other Jews  .  For a Jew to publicly Protest against  Israel in this manner with what going on in the Middle East beyond shameful..I wonder if  they ever read a newspaper or watch T.V or listen to a radio and haves some grasp   of the current situation in Israel. This can only be described as a Shanda.
Thousands of Orthodox Jews swarm NYC streets to protest Israel’s ..


Thomas A. Kolsky: Jews Against Zionism – Temple University


Putz | Define Putz at


What is the meaning of putz, what is the slang definition of putz, putz is

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I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank my entire loyal fan base..   Moses Lerman

3 comments on “This is What Jewish People Invented The Word Putz For…

  1. Adrian says:

    I am Jewish and I want Palestinians to stop killing Israelis ( and Jews and all the others who they kill )

    • I have the most distain for the innocent sheeding of life be it Jew,Arab or be it any ethnic or religious group..
      Always keep in mind that terrorist and the police or IDF soldiers are not in the same league.
      The terrorist is committing mayhem and murder while the Police or soldier is fighting violence with force.
      Thank you for taking time to comment on The Lerman Report.
      Moses Lerman

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